SPDT relay (Single Pole Double Throw)

SPDT (5 pin) Relay

Robust 20A relay with 12V coil. Automotive class for long life and reliability.

Using two SPDT relays you can create a relay based H-bridge, or motor controller.  Using the two relays you can extend, retract and stop one or more actuators. 

Benefits of using two SPDT relays to drive actuators:

  • You can control the actuators electronically, such as a trigger voltage, PLC, or microcontroller
  • When you stop the actuator it will immediately stop, no drift. Drift usually is very minimal, but if your application is sensitive you can use two SPDT relays to stop immediately

You can also use the relays for many other switching scenarios.  Such as using a microswitch and a relay to trigger some external circuit when the actuator is at a specific position (fully extended/retracted/etc).