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How is Shift Automation a different type of company

How are we a different type of company?

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We know what you're thinking, every company is just out to maximize profit for the benefit of investors, shareholders, owners.  Shift Automation is a different kind of company.  

We have to make money, but we believe there’s more to building a company than hoping to buy that mansion or lake house, or even the newest sports car.  We take pride in a job well done.  We feel the need to provide the best customer support and to design and build our actuators to be better. We also want to be generous and give back to those that provide assistance to families in crisis.

Paying it forward is something we take very seriously. We have been personally affected by life's unexpected bumps in the road. It can happen to anyone, you can't plan for them, and there are people and services that step up to help families in times of need. In our company we’ve had to deal with a couple of very serious illnesses involving the children or grandchildren of our employees.  One of the children was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at a very young age, it was a very difficult time and the staff at the local Children’s Hospital helped the family get on track and learn the immense amount of information needed to care for a young child with Juvenile Diabetes.

Another child was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, again at a young age, and the local Children’s Hospital provided critical support and care for years of treatment, and continue to do so with regular follow up care.  

Thankfully both of these children are stable and well, thanks to the continuing support of Children’s Hospitals.  Which brings us back to Shift Automation wanting to give back to Children’s Hospitals as well as charities that search for the cure of Juvenile Diabetes and childhood cancers.  Hopefully in some small way we can be part of making life better for kids with life threatening illnesses. We want to SHIFT our intentions to be a company that helps others, we've integrated that commitment into the core of our company. 

We are a different type of company. It’s easy to say, but our hearts are truly in it.

-The entire team at Shift Automation

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