Linear actuator wiring kit

Linear actuator wiring kit with pre-wired pigtails for use with our rocker switches

Linear actuator wiring kit contains lots of wire to connect a linear actuator, fuse and fuse holder to protect the actuator and much more.

UNIQUE FEATURE:To make things even faster and easier for you, we've pre-wired the red and black wire with the pigtails you need to hook up the actuator to one of the rocker switches.  For people who haven't wired an actuator to a rocker switch before, this can easily save you 20 minutes.  For the more experienced people, it saves about 5 minutes and the frustration of cutting and clipping the pigtail connections.

There's also heat shrink tube, insulated quick connects, butt connectors, and micro switches and diodes for making external limit switches.

We think there's everything you need to quickly get up to speed as well as if you need to so some serious custom installation.